Brand & Press Guidelines

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press feature illustration


The Shoppr logo has two parts to its logo — the wordmark and icon. It is important to use these as illustrated below, it is the first point of contact. Never combine the wordmark and icon when displaying the logo.

shoppr logo primary

Primary wordmark

To be used at all times wherever possible.

shoppr logo primary


Icon to be used on narrow instances.

shoppr logo marlin

Alternative wordmark

To be used on backgrounds that would otherwise be too constrasting for the default wordmark.

shoppr logo marlin

Alternative Icon

Icon to be used on narrow instances.


Shoppr doesn’t restrict itself to just one colour. We have various colour palettes outside of this spectrum used in different contexts.


RGB: #70E1D4

CMYK: 78, 0, 42, 0


RGB: #4A4B5B

CMYK: 62, 53, 42, 52


RGB: #92939D

CMYK: 47, 34, 27, 0


RGB: #151852

CMYK: 100, 94, 0, 60


RGB: #465DEB

CMYK: 100, 68, 0, 0


Our primary font family is Proxima Nova, which is used in various media materials as well as any shoppr UI.

Proxima Nova


Illustration Style

We're utilising an illustration method known as ' Salt & Pepper '. Our illustrations should never be colourful, single-semi shades. Using various shades from Seafoam and to make it stand out, a few drops of Ink here and there.

illustration sofa shoppr
illustration room shoppr